Dubbed as an epic Startup Halloween Party that you do not want to miss (well at least by folks at RIGHTSLEEVE!) Startup Open House is the best open house that you will ever be invited to or attend. It is Doors Open meets Nuit Blanche meets… you get the picture.

Startup Open House

For one evening, on October 29, from 4pm to 7pm, you can visit all the incredible startups in Toronto and experience the thriving tech industry in its full glory. This is your chance to meet startups where they live; meet the people behind the technology and see what startups are all about.

What started out as a project in Montreal, has now expanded to Toronto, Vancouver, Waterloo and Quebec City and involves more than 300 startups! That’s not all,  the team behind Startup Open House is gearing towards a launch in London, UK in spring 2016. Truly impressive!

But here’s where you come in startups. Why not make the experience a little bit more… ok a whole lot more enjoyable for participants? Let’s talk about SWAG! You want the people who come by your space to feel an emotional connection to your brand and be excited about being there.  Give them something to remember you by and talk about long after they leave.

RIGHTSLEEVE loves Startup Open House and this year we are offering a 10% discount to all startups involved in this amazing collaboration! Here’s what you have to do to be eligible:

1. Be a part of Startup Open House.
2. Get some awesome swag! We are talking about things that people will covet, talk about and beat down your door to get.
3. Swag must be ordered before October 29 for Startup Open House.

That is it, it is that simple. So let’s get ideating and make magic happen!

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