The human population, on average, produces a whopping 220 million tonnes of waste a year, which is not a number to be taken lightly. As a result, there is a heavy focus on recycling and up cycling in many industries including the promo products industry.
The swag industry is one that sometimes gets a bad rep for selling trinkets and trash and producing a lot of tchotchkes. However, just because it is a promotional product does not mean that it has to be something that is not sustainable or environmentally conscious. Here are 4 instances where the promo folks have stepped up the game and produced recycled / up cycled products that are not only functional but also fabulous!

1. When Skateboards Grow Up


The shades pictured (plus everything else) above are made out of used skateboards! They are not only functional but are also an awesome way to make a statement. Whoever said that you can’t look good while being environmentally conscious? Cause we sure can!

2. The Ugly Sweater that grew up to be Mittens

Remember that ugly sweater you especially bought and ironically rocked at your last Christmas party and then it never saw the light of the day? Or what about the one that you can’t seem to part with because your great grandmother made it for you but you’ve never worn it because it is THAT ugly. Well, ugly sweaters can now be put to good use!
Presenting mittens made out of ugly sweaters; finally a good use for those poor things.

P.S: We will source the sweaters for you and maybe, just maybe, the generations to come will not have to suffer through any ugly sweater parties.

Ugly Sweaters put to good use

3. It’s a pillow… it’s an umbrella…

…. It is a pillow made out of umbrellas! We absolutely love this product and it puts all other pillows to shame. Plus it makes a really awesome gift. We can essentially take an old promo product, from your company, and turn it into a new one that is more on point and with the times. This is a great way to produce new swag that is on trend.
3M pillows

 4. Up cycled Messenger Bags

An up cycled spin on a classic messenger bag made from reclaimed banners. Each bag is unique and handmade, with proceeds from every single one going to a woman war survivor. Now that is a bag with a story and a purpose.


Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 3.55.35 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 3.55.22 PM

Work with us to come up with socially conscious promo ideas that are on brand and tell a great story.