Last week Pizza Hut made headlines by creating the world’s first playable DJ pizza box and here at RIGHTSLEEVE we rejoiced that a brand was utilizing packaging in a really cool way! We have said this before and we will say it again, product packaging is an often overlooked and missed opportunity in the world of branded merchandise. We even talked about it in a blog post in July!

However, this is not the first instance of a brand exploring the packaging & technology combination.

McDonald’s Happy Goggles

A happy meal box that turns into a Cardboard VR Headset.
McDonald’s is doing a trial run of these in Sweden and the game that comes with the goggles is tied to a Swedish recreational holiday that centres on skiing.

So what have these examples got to do with branding and what can you learn from it – apart from the fact that both of these brands are in the Food and Beverages industry? ALL THE THINGS!

Learn all the things!

1. Packaging can be is useful
You have to use packaging anyways why not make it useful?!

2. Do Cool Things 
Think out of the box and see what happens! This is a really good example of a viral marketing campaign created through swag.

3. Swag Doesn’t Have to Be Boring
Swag does not have to be boring or a throwaway product you include as a last resort to entice people to buy your product. In fact, you can reap rewards by integrating it into the customer journey and including it in your main product offering.

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