February Staff Picks are proudly brought to you by the one and only Claire McArthur! Claire is one of the newest additions to the RIGHTSLEEVE family and is an incredible account coordinator. Here are her top 5!

Words by Claire McArthur:

My name is Claire and I crave outside of the box don’t-even-know-the-box-exists creativity, meaningful and smart conversations and flakey croissants. No actually, croissants are amazing. When I’m not out with friends eating my bodyweight in carbs and sipping on a Diet Coke (no, Diet Pepsi is not okay), I’m probably curled up in a blanket on my couch absolutely SCREAMING at the NBA game on my television. I love Kanye more than most, enjoy asking people their sun sign too soon after meeting them, and fully believe growing up in a city with less than a hundred thousand people, yet one of them being internationally known as “The Great One” can really affect your upbringing when you discover it’s not you they’re referring to.

Claire McArthur


These are my favourite Spring Break products! I may be out of high school, but March Break should live on!  

Dad Hats

With the resurgence of normcore clothing, we see a huge push in popularity of the 90s phenomena- the dad hat! Let’s keep the hat, and forget about the modrobes – deal? We did these hats for our friends at TO Foodies to remind everyone that while it may be cold in Toronto, we know how to eat.

TO Foodies

Photocred: @tofoodies

Beach Towels

Have you ever looked at your boring striped, over priced, and kinda weird texture beach towel and wished it represented you or the event you went to a bit better? Try this dog for size. We can help you design the perfect product. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel- something like a towel with an amazing print is sometimes all that’s needed.

Cineplex Towels

 Or check out these towels done for our friends at Cineplex!

Duffel bag

Yes, you probably have a backpack, or an overnight bag even, but time to upgrade from the 2001 edition Jansport with your crushes name written on it with white-out. These great duffles are perfect for a weekend getaway or a day trip on vacation. The real fun happens when you see the fully customized liner! Now, let’s blow this pop stand!


market 2

Kolder Holder

Whatever you may keep in your holder is up to your discretion (yes, mine will be a Diet Coke), but these will keep your drink cold and colourful with the fun typography!

Kolder holdersSpeakers

Don’t be the person who forgets to bring speakers to the hotel room and therefore held captive by the volume of the television, your crappy phone speaker or your friend grabbing a cup to try and amplify the sound. Don’t do it. Check out one of these instead! Little and mighty – these speakers will take your hotel room and install pretty much surround sound… almost.

Hopefully with these products, your Spring Break adventure will be a little more wild and fun! LONG LIVE MARCH BREAK.

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