With end of year holidays less than a month away, gifting is on everyone’s mind! Whether it is for staff or clients, if you are planning on giving gifts that show your appreciation (hint: you should!) now is the time to decide what you will be giving.
Here are some of our favourite customizable gifts that all of your recipients will be raving about.
P.S: We love that all of the items here have a touch of retail detail.

1. Lifestyle Products 
Throw and pillows

These items will deliver some serious cozy vibes!

2. DrinkwareMugs

Drinware is always a good idea. It is something people will use throughout the year and is not necessarily season specific.

3. Apparel

Apparel is another item that gets used year round and is always a good gift.

4. Self care items Selfcare

Self care is extremely important. Candles, diffusers and mason jars are items that can easily be incorporated into the recipients lifestyle!

Love these products or want more holiday gift suggestions? Get in touch with us!

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