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On Trend Tuesday | Bamboo Power Banks

eco friendly charger

As we head into warmer weather also known as conference season, power banks become one of those accessories that you cannot leave your apartment without. If you have ever had your phone shutting down on you midway through a text or an important call, or whilst tweeting, you know how annoying it is!

There are a lot of power banks on the market right now that we like but we are obsessed with this particular one made out of natural bamboo. It is eco-friendly and packs a 5,000 mAh Grade A Lithium Polymer battery with dual output – you could be charging two devices simultaneously and also earning potential karma and popularity points in social situations!

The battery pack can give your phone roughly 3 full charges. The blue LED light in the front indicates how much power is left in the power bank.

In a world filled with plastic chargers, this product is unique and provides a lot of room to get creative with branding. It makes a great giveaway as a speaker or VIP gift and is one of those items that, you can rest assured, your clients will definitely find extremely useful – thus prolonging the shelf life of your branded item.

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