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On Trend Tuesday | The Fanny Pack is Back

Fanny pack or what was affectionately referred to as the dad bag back in the 90s is making an unlikely but a definite comeback. We can thank the daring designers of Milan Fashion Week SS17, who waged a valiant effort to upgrade the ’90s-era travel essential into something that might actually pass for stylish. Top fashion designers from Alexander Wang to Karl Lagerfeld have embraced the fanny pack trend on the runway, and many experts have coined it as a must-have bag for 2017. This hands-free trend will not only give your shoulders a break, but the convenience of having your items in arms reach will change the way you look at fanny packs.

Why should you consider including this 90s nostalgic paraphernalia into your merchandise program? Here are top 4 reasons!

1. Retail Detail 

fashion fanny pack

From top fashion designers to local fashion boutiques, you will see fanny packs everywhere you go! And not all fanny packs have to hang lifelessly by your hip, you can opt for a more stylish option for yourself and for your clients.

2. A Gender Neutral Accessory

The fanny pack is back

A waist pouch is a gender neutral piece of merchandise that can easily be integrated into a giveaway program.

3. Available in a Variety of Styles 

Stylish Fanny Pack

You can opt for custom options. One size really does not fit all!

4. Promote an Active Lifestyle 

fanny packs

The waist pack is perfect for fitness enthusiasts & a great way to encourage your clients and employees to embrace the active lifestyle! It also doubles as a travel accessory.

Want to explore other retail trends for your merchandise program? Chat with us today!

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