Walk down a busy street in your city and you’ll see a variety of trends.

You’ll see stark contrasts from person to person, of course, but look closely and you’re also likely to see a variety of trends mashed up into one person at any one time.

Sometimes it’s on purpose: an eclectic look as a trademark, let’s say.

Sometimes, it’s out of necessity: mixing a piece with this year’s hot colour and last year’s popular textiles might be a matter of availability or price.

Mixing trends together can be a way of adapting at one’s own pace or holding firm in a devotion to a particular type of clothing as a signature item in your personal style. Keeping true to your love of Doc Martens, for example, while the people around you are donning TOMS or Top-Siders (called docksiders, when and I where I grew up.)

Lately, we’ve been examining current fashion through this microscope of blends:

The intersection of trends

  • Bold Nautical Pattern Layered on a Traditional Sweatshirt source:apliiq
  • Nautical Colours with Traditional Materials
  • Contrasting Patterns on a Traditional Bag
    source: Herschel Supply Company
  • Rustic Carrier with an Updated Usage
  • Bright Colours as an Update to a Traditional Product source: MIRO
  • Nautical Colours with Traditional Materials