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I have been to a lot of conferences and conventions—hundreds of them. I’m not kidding. And I’ve been adult trick-or-treating in the expos on many occasions, dashing from booth to booth, collecting whatever it was they were passing out—the swag, giveaway, handout, freebie.

Like a remorseful binge eater, I’ll then sit in my hotel room hours later, realizing I’ve overdone it. The problem: I’ll never fit all this swag in my luggage. That’s when the dilemma arises: What makes the trip home and what gets tossed?

It’s a question many attendees will be facing at this week’s TechCrunch Disrupt conference, an annual confab in San Francisco that brings together tech’s current and future stars. For anyone grappling with what swag to keep at Disrupt – or at any conference, for that matter – here are my thoughts:

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