As October and the realization that 2016 is almost at an end rolls in, it is time for another edition of Staff Picks. September’s featured picks are by Account Manager extraordinaire Chris Guspie.

Chris Guspie
Words by Chris Guspie

I am one of the newest additions to the RIGHTSLEEVE family! When I’m not at RIGHTSLEEVE trying to find brand new, amazing products for clients, I’m doing the exact same thing but for myself. I have a bit of an obsession with trying to find new brands and new products that are not easily accessible.
Sports and cooking tend to take over a lot of my time. In the winter I’m usually outside on some outdoor Toronto rink and during summer I can be found trying to battle traffic to get to the golf course. During both seasons, my evenings revolve around throwing together a bunch of weird things to make a meal.

Focus: Travel



Always useful and they never go out of style – ok some do.



A staple in any closet and THE uniform for a lot of companies these days.

Softshell Jacket 

softshell jacket

Perfect for a Sunday morning stroll to your favourite cafe or for a fall round of golf.



Necessary for a weekend getaway. Keep one packed and ready to go at all times just in case. 



More accepted in an office than a baseball hat. Useful on a cold day or really cold offices! 

So there you have it, these are Chris Guspie’s Top 5! Like the products? Get in touch with us!

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