Fall marks the return of cozy socks, gorgeous autumn colours and warm beverages. It is probably one of our favourite seasons. The change of seasons also signifies change in merchandise – be it merch that is sold in stores or given to clients and employees in the form of swag. Here are 6 items that will keep your clients warm from head to toe this fall!


kijiji 2

We love toques! They are a super practical giveaway item this time of the year and can be customized to your heart’s content. You can opt for a simpler toque or go for a custom knit version. Check out the ones we made for Kijiji.


Patterned Scarf

If you are planning conferences or events later in the year, scarves are great as speaker or VIP gifts. They can also easily transition over to winter. These particular scarves are 100% wool, Made in North America and have a beautiful retail look to them. Plus they are available in a variety of patterns and colours!


Ugly Sweaters put to good use

We know this may be too early to bring up warm mittens but those days are not too far away. So stock up on these Canadian made mittens before its too late!


socks on socksSocks are awesome and are also useful year round. Definitely a good swag investment.


These blankets graced Chris Guspie’s Staff Picks and we fully approve of them. Perfect for an evening by a campfire roasting s’mores!

For your beverage 

You enjoying your drinks is important to us so we decided to create sweaters for them as well. You can also do wine cozies but these are our favourite!

Which product on this list is your favourite? Get in touch with us!

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