Happy new year! For many of us, the new year signifies change, a chance to work on ourselves, goals and on improving our lives in general.

As 2018 begins, self care and preservation is on many of our minds. In fact, Google says searches for “self-care” are 25 percent higher now than they were at this time last year.
In addition, a new study of more than 85,000 adults, yoga practice among U.S. workers nearly doubled from 2002 to 2012, from 6 percent to 11 percent. Meditation rates also increased, from 8 percent to 9.9 percent.

Since, the new year is all about recharging, we wanted to kickstart our content for the year with a post about mindfulness related products and how you can incorporate mindfulness into your daily life.

Indoor Plants are Your Best Friends 



There is more than one way to practice mindfulness, but the goal of any mindfulness technique is to achieve a state of relaxation. Caring for your plants can be a mindful practice. Don’t rush. Pause and breathe. Be present. Even succulents can surprise you with spontaneous blooms!
Give yourself a few minutes each day in your mindfulness corner. Pause, breathe, relax.

About the product: The fabric pot holders, pictured above, are available in different sizes and are perfect for any home.

Yoga or Golf – It is all about relaxation 


Yoga may be the practice of choice for many mindfulness enthusiasts but for others it may be something entirely different, for instance golf. Whatever your needs may be, a sport quillow can be a trusty companion.

About the product: The sport quillow is a micro fibre towel that folds up into its own small pouch and opens to a full-size towel — the perfect companion to keep next to your yoga mat or in your golf bag.
Available in eight different bright colours these sport towels are perfect for relaxing by the pool, camping, water sports, boating, outdoor adventures, vacations and so much more!

Engage Both Your Body and Mind 

holiday diffuser

Having a diffuser in your personal space can be beneficial for your body, mind and general wellbeing. Choose an essential oil that has soothing and relaxing properties, such as bergamot, lavender or roman chamomile.

About the product: This USB diffuser plugs into your laptop and is a color-changing LED light. It has three timed settings options: 30 minutes, 60 minutes & 120 minutes. We also offer gift sets that include both the diffuser and essential oils.

Colour Your Way to Calm

RIGHTSLEEVE Branded colouring books
Colouring can be extremely therapeutic. Basically, it’s an awesome way to center your mind, cultivate creativity, and blow off some steam after a stressful day.

About the product: This particular colouring book has a soft cover and is perfect as an on the go companion – at the airport, at the office or at home. It is made in Canada and contains 48 pages featuring 6 fun themes filled with beautiful artwork and motifs, waiting for you to make it a masterpiece.

Induce Clarity 


Just like prepping your space at night can lead to a more restful sleep, preparing your room for meditation can help your mind automatically settle into a state of calm. Light these hand poured, soy wax candles in your personal space and create an ethereal atmosphere.

Remember to pause, breathe and relax.

Employers, encourage people in all types of jobs to incorporate a bit of mindfulness into their workday, even if it’s just a simple breathing exercise. Research has shown that slowing down and deepening breath can have a positive long lasting impact on wellbeing.

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