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I don’t like ordinary and I’ve never been good at colouring within the lines.  I refuse to box myself into one category, instead I seek out activities that challenge and excite me. I play the saxophone, try multiple sports, have an extensive board game collection and recently took up improv even though before I had crippling stage fright.
” I apply the same curiosity to my work and always seek out new items that excite me.  I look for unique and well-made products I can be proud to sell.”
I work hard to find the high quality options because I don’t want to recommend products that I personally wouldn’t love. That’s exactly why I picked these three products. They stand out among the rest and they challenge the norm. They are unique, useful and environmentally conscious.

Top picks: 

Sprout Pencil

Plant pencil


I love products that are eco-friendly and have multiple uses. These pencils have a capsule at the end that can be removed and planted. They come in 5 different herb varieties (Basil, Cherry Tomatoes, Cilantro, Parsley and Mint) so once you are done writing with the pencil you can also add it to your garden. These are Made in USA, 100% sustainable and non-toxic.

Reusable Straws


I definitely think this is a product that will be taking off in the next few years. With the push for plastic straws being banned more people are looking for a sustainable solution and this is a great option!

Unique Wooden Desk Set

woooden desk organizerwooooden desk organizer 2

One of the most unique items I’ve seen. Not only does it organize your office necessities, but it’s also a great desk decoration and conversation starter. Made in Canada, these are hand crafted out of wood to fit business cards, pens, and your phone. The peg section allows you to adjust the space so you can tailor it to what you want to store in there.


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