Everyone is a creator in their own right. We are a company full of creators designing all your favourite branded merchandise. So we’re always on the hunt for what will help us inspire and innovate.

Therefore, we wanted to shine some light on some apps that are useful to creators and those seeking inspiration.


Behance is a social platform under the Adobe umbrella that serves as an online portfolio for artists, designers and creators.

Visitors can browse different works in photography, motion graphics, architecture, product design and more. They can also follow their favourite creators. Behance has curated galleries, assembling some of the best works in specific categories.

It’s a great tool for discovering new work, to gain inspiration, or even to showcase your own projects.

source: google play store
source: google play store


Storytelling becomes an on-the-go social experience, with Wattpad users can write and discover stories across all genres.

As a writer, you can use the app to tell whatever story you want to, and get real time updates and comments for those reading your story. It’s an interactive experience for writers and readers. Connecting people from all over the world.

We might be a bit biased since they’re awesome clients of ours 🙂

source: google play store
source: google play store


An app exclusively for photography (think Instagram but sans memes and politics)! VSCO has built a community for creators to edit and share their photos, without the likes and comments.

Users have access to a wide range of unique filters and a toolkit to enhance images. They also provide tips and techniques to educate and inspire.

vsco browse


The brainchild of Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams and producer Dom Santry, daisie is a newly released (we’re talking TODAY) social app.

An app for creators of any kind from filmmakers to chefs, you can share and explore work across all industries. There are also opportunities to collaborate and learn from industry experts. daisie provides a safe community, to share your work without the pressures of a follower count. Breaking the norms of a social media platform, it becomes less of a popularity contest and more of a cool way to share, learn and explore different works.


We’re excited to see how this app plays out overtime, and if it can rise to the forefront of social media.

We’ll have to let you know how this one works out, because currently…
daisie screenshot


What are you waiting for? Go create something!