Though minimalism has been around for decades, it’s a movement that has taken our modern world by storm. Here’s a helpful guide to different types of minimalism in the lifestyle sense.

In art and design, minimalism is a concept centered on “less is more” and is represented through a look that is simple, clean and effective.

Old brands seem to be making the switch and new brands continue to adapt the minimalist approach to their branding and packaging.  Lately this has been very prominent in the beauty world. For example:


A skincare and makeup brand with a cult following. Their range of products put emphasis on consumers who appreciate “no-makeup, makeup” (wearing a little makeup that looks like you’re wearing nothing). With this minimal approach to makeup it’s only fitting that their branding is the same.

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Deciem x The Ordinary

The Ordinary is one of the brands owned by beauty company Deciem. As a whole the company focuses on authenticity and functionality, which is true for The Ordinary products. The focus is on the integrity of their product, so the packaging is honest and minimal.

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Trying to bring the simplicity back to haircare,  OUAI’s branding is simple and modern, which is perfect for the everyday consumer. They are taking the complications out of how hair products are marketed.

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A brand new cosmetic brand that are marketing themselves as minimalistic. Find out more about their branding here.

emvy products

Other minimalist companies:


A company that embodies minimalism is MUJI. The Japanese brand which translates to “no-brand quality goods” creates a range of products from apparel to household items. They are often called “brandless” or anonymous with the absence of logos, but that doesn’t stop them from coming out with innovative, interesting and sustainable product.

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IKEA are pioneers in making innovative (and sometimes minimalist style) furniture. They mainstreamed flat-packing and have recognizable yellow and blue branding. What is worth highlighting is the way they’ve branded their food packaging. It’s simple, bright, and clean and has a great minimalist feel. 


There is no shortage of brands that are taking the minimalist route. This approach when done correctly, can draw the eye and stand out among the clutter. It conveys the brand message in a clear and concise way and let’s the brand/product speak for itself.