TedxToronto 2015 | Recap

Last week we were given the opportunity to attend one of Toronto's premier conferences, TedxToronto. Each year the conference brings together a plethora of brilliant people from all walks of life and 2015 was no exception to that rule. The theme for this year was THRESHOLDS and it was clear from the time that we stepped into the grand Koerner Hall, at the TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning, that we were in for an extraordinary experience.

The opening performance featured National Ballet of Canada, one of the world's top ballet companies. The performance explored the ideas of connection, communication and loss embedded in the Greek myth of Orpheus but with a focus on the female lead surviving the ordeal and emerging triumphant. As Robert Binet, choreographer extraordinaire, pointed out, "Ballet is perhaps one of the most gendered art forms" and the women always seem to lose. He decided to push the boundaries and have women lead without changing their movements and it resulted into something wondrous.

A threshold is a doorway. Whether physical or figurative, crossing or not crossing a threshold often results in profound change. Sometimes a threshold is a boundary and sometimes a breaking point. It can be a beginning – a starting point for an experience, an event, or a new age. Or a threshold can be an ending, a point of no return, a Rubicon across which one cannot look back.

The speakers ranged from startup heroes, to Canada's first openly gay priest who officiated the world's first same sex marriage to an aerospace engineer. The audience were urged to not settle and to challenge culturally created stereotypes. The topic of change was brought up multiple times and one of our favourite quotes of the day was by Andrew Peek, a serial entrepreneur.

"In a world where change comes quickly, the only thing that can slow me down is resistance."

Here's to pushing limits and overcoming our personal thresholds. We had an awesome time at TedxToronto. Kudos to the team behind this amazing event!What was your favourite TedxToronto 2015 quote or memory? Share them with us! 

Images courtesy of TedxToronto

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