On Trend | Personalization

Personalized marketing is considered essential in the digital world --- just look at the barrage of targeted ads in your social feeds. The "spray and pray" method does not yield high quality leads and as a result, increasingly more marketers are leaning towards personalization as the solution. It is a focused approach that amplifies the message of the brand and has a higher chance of resonating with the customer.

Personalization also provides an equally important opportunity in the promotional products industry but we will get to that...First, it is important to tackle two questions, what is personalization and why do it?

What is Personalization?

It is much more than sewing the name of your customer on the sleeve of a jacket. It is the essence of establishing an emotional connection with them. It is in the colours, the fabric, the product and everything in between. It is about knowing what your customer wants and needs.

Personalization is not to be confused with customization. Though the terms are used interchangeably, even on wikipedia, there is a subtle difference. Customization is explicitly stating your interests and preferences, personalization is implicit. It is the "Aha!" moment you experience when everything is just right from the start, without much thought from you going into making it so.

Why Personalize? 

Personalization aims to create a strong user experience both on and offline by anticipating the user's needs. It shows your customers that you know them.

Think of your own experience as a customer. When you receive an email or a product that's relevant to your interests, your reaction is more likely to be “good thinking” as compared to “what were they thinking?”

Personalize if you want to establish a connection, provide a great user experience and retain customers.

Examples of Personalized Products

We promised earlier that we will talk about the relationship between promotional products and personalization. Here we are.

When you start a project with RIGHTSLEEVE, we ask you about your marketing objective, the vibe of your brand and the emotional connection you are trying to establish. The purpose of this exercise is to gather the relevant information to produce merchandise that is on brand and relevant to you and your customers.

From the very beginning, we want to suggest ideas that will resonate with your end user.Here are three product categories that provide you with the creative freedom to personalize on many different levels.

1. Bags

When we talk about personalizing a bag, we are not just referring to the ability to choose a colour or sewing a patch on it. We are talking about choosing a style that your end consumer will use and adore. Some may prefer a backpack while others want to use a messenger bag. Knowing your customer will allow you to order the right product. Give out merchandise that will be useful in their every day life. This will prolong the life span of the product as well as your brand.

2. Journals

We recently supported a Devs Without Borders hackathon and gifts for judges were personalized with their names. You can rest assured that a product with initials or the name of the client is one that they will be using.

We understand that in the case of traditional marketing campaigns that involve prospecting, it may not be entirely feasible to produce merchandise that has individual's names on them. This is something to consider for targeted marketing, especially where relationship management is involved.

3. Personalized Branded Merchandise Collections

Yes, branded merchandise collection. Not a single product but the whole nine yards. Each new employee receives this package on their first day of work. It is used as a means to engage them and to make them feel like they are a part of a family.

This also reminds us that swag is not just limited to customers but also your own employees and can be used to enhance your relationship with your talent.

Engaged customers and staff give you their business, their referrals and their loyalty. Personalization is one way to show that you value them.