Staff Picks | Top 5 by Jen Achber


Being in the promotional products world, clients often ask which products we love the most. Our answer: "How much time do you have? This could take a while!"We really love swag and we want to share our top picks with you - better yet we want to share products that RIGHTSLEEVErs love.

We are introducing a new monthly series - Staff Picks, which will feature 5 products handpicked by real humans who work at RIGHTSLEEVE.

First up, we have Jen Achber - Account Director extraordinaire and a self proclaimed Swag Queen. Prior to RIGHTSLEEVE, Jen used to work as an HR manager with African Bush Camps in Zimbabwe and she really likes bags!

Here are Jen's Top 5, we hope you enjoy them!

1. Glass Straws

Less waste, less toxic (no plastic contaminants in your food) and just lovely - makes every drink feel fancy! Perfect for smoothies, summer teas and of course cocktails in highball glasses.

2. Baggie All

When I think of spring/summer, I think local travel and weekend road trips. A Baggie All offers a stylish solution for keeping all your tech stuff, personal care items, cosmetics and snacks all in one place!

3. Noke Padlock

Noke is designed to be the simplest electronic device you will own. It automatically finds and connects to your Bluetooth enabled smartphone for quick and easy access to the things that matter most.

4. Drift 

Bike season is around the corner - for those of us who don't bike in freezing weather!I love the orange one! It adds a pop of colour for spring but they also have neutral colours for those feeling less bold.This whole line is made in Canada and is part of an amazing lifestyle brand. If you want durable and functional gear for everyday use, this is the one to go for.

5. Picnic Tote  

Perfect for day trips and picnics, it is available in bright spring colours - turquoise, orange, green. And I love that it's by a Canadian design team!