On Trend | Patterns

Patterns add dimension, texture, and visual interest to everything. Their use does not have to be limited to clothing and can transform the whole look of any product they are on.

Patterns became commonplace in the world of fashion a few years ago and are making a splash in the promotional world now.

The following is a list of 5 patterns that we believe can spruce up your next promotional marketing campaign.

Pattern 1: Stripes

If you live in Canada, you recognize these iconic stripes. We love how the Bay has tastefully used stripes in their original line.Stripes do not have to be vertical or horizontal - think out of the box!

Pattern 2: Plaid

 This is a classic pattern that can be found in bags, clothing and a plethora of other products. Just remember, everything in moderation.

Pattern 3: Houndstooth

This is one of those patterns that you probably see all the time, from phone covers to socks to bags and clothing - this pattern is literally everywhere!

You can play around with the sizing and colours of the design to add your own unique branding.

Pattern 4: Herringbone

Herringbone is a common pattern found in suits, ties and shirts but in the swag world it can be found adorning more than just clothes. You can find it used in varying scales and colours!

Pattern 5: Gingham

Gingham is more commonly known as the "check" pattern and is seen used in shirts, aprons, table clothes, bags and more. The size of the boxes can vary depending on the use.In the promo world, you can see this pattern on tote bags.

Photos: Google Image Search and Hudson's Bay