Pride Vibes

In June 2016, Canada will host it's first ever pride month - the largest Pride celebration in North America!

In Toronto, where we are, the annual Pride festival has become a major Canadian arts and cultural event that promotes diversity, inclusion and vibrant creativity. We are excited to be working with a number of organizations that care about empowering people with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions.

Each year, we work with them to produce unique Pride merchandise and featured here are just some of our favourites!

1. Full colour sunglasses

There are normal sunglasses and then there are full coloured sunglasses.Let your inner artist out and treat these like a blank canvas!

2. Ear Buds

I love ear buds, you love ear buds... we all love ear buds. This is one of those items that is cheap and cheerful yet highly useful. Want people to not throw away your swag? Get some!

The ones pictured above are ones we produced for last year's Startup Summer Party!

3. Juice Boxes

Colourful, practical and portable - these juice boxes have the makings of a perfect Pride giveaway. Not to forget that they are also super cute and take us back to a simpler time.

4. Beer Coozies

Great swag not only establishes an emotional connection with the recipient, it is also something they would want to keep for a while and with these bright beer coozies, you can rest assured that they will!

5. Umbrella

Imagine walking in the 36th annual Pride parade on July 3rd and being able to continue, come rain or shine. Get it? Because it is an umbrella and you can use... ok we know you get it!

That's all folks, those are some of our favourite items. Tell us what is the best Pride giveaway you have ever received?