Staff Picks | Top 5 by Shruti Sharma

It is time for May's Staff picks and this month, we are featuring Account Manager extraordinaire Shruti Sharma's top 5 picks!

Coming from a background in Fashion, Shruti loves anything and everything to do with design. She splits her time between RIGHTSLEEVE and her clothing line but still manages to find time to enjoy patios, beach bumming and spending time with her dog.

Custom Gingham Uniforms



We picked out the fabric for these shirts, right down to the size of the gingham plaid - details are everything! Custom made for Amsterdam BrewHouse, these shirts were designed to have a Euro slim fit (with a matching women’s version). They are all adorned with 2 woven patches on left chest and nape.

Lunch Tins for Kits

These tins are GREAT for custom giveaway kits. The whole lid is capable of holding a full colour design and the tin itself comes in silver, white or black. We recently did these for a food themed event and they were a huge success!

Leather Bike Caddy

With summer around the corner, why not make your commute home that much easier on your bike? These bottle holders are all handmade in Wisconsin by local craftsmen.

Tote Bags

Something as simple as a tote bag can sometimes be overlooked, but we use tote bags for everything whether it be groceries, giveaways or for the beach!

Camera Lenses

Camera lenses are great for the Instagram generation. This kit comes with 3 types of lenses: Macro, Micro and a Fisheye Lens. They can be clipped onto any phone and would make for a great summer giveaway!