5 Swag Ideas for the Summer

Summer is a great time to think about themed giveaways that people will love, pay attention to and talk about. Seasonal changes provide a chance to refresh your brand image, reinvigorate your client's interest in your brand and to rejoice in the fact that winter is no longer coming - well, at least for a while!

We have compiled a list of 5 of our favourite summer giveaways that have pleased the crowds and raised the bar when it comes to summertime swag!

Beer Koozies

Sweater weather may be over for us but for these little guys it has just begun! If you hate the thought of warm beer for anyone and everyone, these beer sweaters will be the ultimate giveaway item!

Not only do they keep your beer cold, they keep your hands from getting cold and covered in condensation and are also a good way to identify one's beer at a party, where it could easily be confused with look-alikes - a common cause of beer waste.


We love these branded beach towels! Functional, bright, colourful and extremely useful.

Lunch Tins


Raise your hand if you love lunch tins. We know we do!If you are a fan of outdoor eats like we are, do a food themed giveaway. These lunch tins are a great giveaway on their own but can also serve as packaging for a branded merchandise collection.

Juice Boxes


These are a favourite at RIGHTSLEEVE! We like them so much, we even featured them in our Pride Vibes post! These fun, bright and colourful juice boxes are perfect for summer giveaways and a great reminder to stay hydrated.

Tote Bag / Cooler Bag

It is a tote bag... It is a cooler bag... It is a cooler + tote bag!

Summer time brings with it camping, festivals, friends and fun! This handy tote bag will not only help you carry your stuff, it will also keep your beverages cool like they are meant to be!