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Culture defines a brand and is a vital part of its identity. It influences those who are a part of the brand and comes to be defined by them. And the first step to creating an exceptional culture is being intentional about it.

Your company culture starts to interact with and make an impression on people from the moment you have your first interaction with them. Why not make that interaction memorable?

Think about it for a minute, what do you do when a client places their first order or when a new employee joins the company? How do you make them feel welcome - part of a family?

If you found yourself thinking too hard, it is time you introduced welcome kits in your organization. Here are 3 examples of top companies who have utilized welcome kits for different demographics but for the same purpose - to make people feel welcome.

MINI Canada 

mini me

mini me

Welcome Kit for New MINI DriversMINI is a brand synonymous with quality and attention to detail. The company has come a long way since the first MINI being produced in England in 1959 and they have managed to maintain a level of excellence that is a class of its own.

Devotees of the brand around the globe attest to the consistent levels of quality and personalization MINI is known and celebrated for. We had the pleasure of working with MINI Canada to create their welcome kits, which are currently in their third iteration. The one pictured above is the first one we created with them.The client approached us to produce a welcome package for new drivers in Canada. The objective was to create something that appealed to Canadians on the road.

About the Package

The day you purchase your own MINI, you become an ambassador for the brand. Each new customer receives a welcome kit, which is refreshed every few years, that contains products to take care of your needs at home and in the car while remaining on brand.

At Home: MINI wanted the brand to go beyond just the car and accompany the user everywhere, hence the notebook and a pen were included, items that the driver will find useful in their every day life. 

In the Car: The most important item to any new driver is the car manual. RIGHTSLEEVE designed and produced the manual that was placed in every single one of MINI Canada's welcome packages.

On brand: Our in house designer created simple yet sleek designs that adorned all of the products contributed by RIGHTSLEEVE to the MINI Canada welcome kits.


Welcome Kits for New StudentsBitmaker is Canada's first coding bootcamp and a leading tech skills accelerator. Students from all walks of life join an intensive program to acquire coding skills and a number of their alumni have gone on to join top technology companies across Canada and the United States.

Bitmaker places a significant amount of emphasis on culture from the day that you join the program. From events to yoga classes, they have their students, or bitmakers, covered. They approached us to create welcome kits for their students that would be handed out to them on their first day. The objective was to make them feel welcome and to provide a great on-boarding experience.

About the Package

The client wanted something that was on brand, useful and will be used by students on a daily basis.

Comfort: Given that the students spend a good 60 hours a week coding, we were asked to suggest comfy attire that was in line with startup culture. 

Usefulness: Coding requires a lot of thinking and getting your thoughts out on paper helps, hence the addition of the notebook!

Stay Hydrated: A matte black bottle completes the kit and is a constant reminder to stay hydrated!


Welcome Kits for New EmployeesShopify is a brand that's synonymous with entrepreneurship and hustle! It is a homegrown e-commerce platform headquartered in Ottawa and we have had the opportunity to create magic with them.Their welcome kit is for employees and is given to them as a part of the on-boarding process as they kickstart their #LifeAtShopify!

About the Package

The kit is on brand, has a retail feel and is an embodiment of the Shopify culture. It includes products that employees can use on a daily basis.

Retail Detail: From hoodies to t-shirts to the backpack, everything has a retail feel to it - making it more appealing and increasing the likelihood of it being used on a regular basis. 

It is all in the details: The backpack has a little tag on it which is used to write the employee's name and gives an illusion of being a price tag - on brand!

The Essentials: Also included in the swag pack is a notebook with the words, "Make Commerce Better for Everyone" on it - a great reminder for employees, encouraging them to explore the world of commerce and to create magic for and with clients.

All three companies highlighted in this post have an amazing culture which translates into great brand health and recognition outside of the company. If you think that company culture is only important on the inside, think again.Ready to take your company culture to the next level? Chat with us today!