On Trend | Think Outside the Box! Get a Birdhouse!

bird house

bird house

When it comes to branded giveaways one of the most important things to factor in is whether the product will assimilate into the recipients every day life. Opting for common swag items and playing it safe may not always work in your favour.Which brings us to the product of the week - a wooden birdhouse. Yup. We are really suggesting that you invest in one of these as a branded giveaway.

bird feeder

bird feeder

Here's why.

1. Uniqueness Factor

This item is unique and will catch the recipients attention. How many times have you gone to a conference or a trade show and received a wood bird feeder? Exactly.

2. Green Products

Made out of wood, these are eco friendly, sustainable products.

3. Long Shelf Life

A great branded item becomes a part of a recipient's everyday life and with these birdhouses you can rest assured it will. It is a highly useful product with a long shelf life.

4. Custom Solution 

Interested in getting a more custom option? We can do that too!

What type of brands should invest in this?

If your focus is on community, this is a great giveaway. Also recommended for brands with a focus on natural products and those who care about green products.