On Trend | Water Resistant Wireless Speakers

When we think of summer essentials, a handy dandy portable speaker is a must. Add in water resistant to the mix and you have the makings of a crowd pleaser! Which brings us to the product of the week - water resistant wireless speaker, that you can easily stick on a wall! Perfect for the beach, a weekend away at the cottage or a pool party in your backyard!


When it comes to picking a wireless speaker a few things are important to consider - portability factor ( how much does it weigh), what is the battery life like and how loud can it play. Let's see how this particular speaker fares in all of those categories.

Portability – At 92 grams, this speaker fits perfectly in a backpack, a handbag, or if you like, you can just carry it in your hand. It is extremely portable.

How loud can it play? – 91 decibels. You can rest assured that you can hear everything loud and clear! Doctors do not recommend listening to music louder than 85 decibels on a prolonged basis.

Battery Life – It offers 6.5 hours of music play and requires 2 hours for a full charge.

Additional Features – Built in microphone to take calls. The external surface is water resistant but we don't recommend submerging the product in water.

Style & Design 

Available in a variety of colours, from bright orange to cool blue, these speakers are super handy and can be designed beautifully to create custom orders.

Check out the project we did with TIFF - Toronto International Film Festival and get in touch with us about your own projects!