Save the Day With Custom Portable Mobile Chargers

Summer is all about hanging out with friends, going to music festivals and obviously catching all the Pokémon as you go! And all of that is going to use up your phone battery.

Raise your hand if your phone has died the very moment you were trying to capture a memory or while you were playing a sweet summer playlist at a party? Or worse... while you were trying to catch a Pokémon! Yeah... It has happened to us too.

So we got some RIGHTSLEEVE branded portable mobile chargers made. They look like a juicebox and pack quite the punch!

Portable mobile chargers are a must in today's day and age where everyone is wired in! And you can rest assured that they will make a great branded giveaway, be it for your staff or your clients. Let's see how this product fares in functionality, style and design.


Portability – At 0.28 pounds this charger fits perfectly in any type of bag and is extremely light!

Battery Life – Don't let the light weight or size fool you. - it offers 2.5 hours of charge on your mobile device and requires 3 hours for a full charge.

Additional Features – The back lights up as you charge and when you press the button to turn it on, you get an indication of how much juice, no pun intended, is left!

Style & Design 


Available in a variety of colours - black, white, red, green and orange -  these chargers can adorn your logos beautifully and you can even fully customize the box that they come in.

We opted for the white coloured option and used different coloured company logos to add a unique touch.

So why not get your clients a new BFF for their phone?