On Trend | Entertaining Essentials

The fall and winter months present lots of opportunities for friends and families to get together. It is getting colder outside and most of us would rather stay indoors and entertain (or be entertained).

If you are thinking of giving away branded gifts, consider the entertaining essentials that will win the recipient the title of ultimate host or hostess. Suggest food or drink items that will both come in handy at the holiday parties, and get them compliments for their taste.

Here are are our top picks for holiday entertaining gift items.




Cutting board

The perfect companion for making fruity cocktails, this cutting board features a fully printable sheet of glass that can be adorned with your brand's messaging, providing you with a lot of room for creativity! The fact that the glass is removable means that all the cutting and chopping will not affect the print.

Knife Set

We love these black blades, they are unique and add a touch of retail detail to any swag program. It comes from a reputable French brand and will make a perfect VIP gift that you can rest assured your clients will love and use.

Cheese board 

These gorgeous wooden cheese boards are perfect for at home hosting. A magnet is embedded in the knife and board to keep the knife secure.


Beer Tasting 

If you run a craft brewery or have clients who love craft beer, consider this item. It is perfect for setting up mini beer tastings!

Mixology Set

In this golden era of craft cocktails, this mixology set is not only useful and perfect for entertaining, it is also on trend. Include a cocktail recipe card in the packaging for a personal touch.

5 Craft Cocktail Recipes to Try Now

The Moscow Mule - Gift Set 

A Moscow Mule, also known as a Vodka buck, is a cocktail made with vodka, spicy ginger beer, and lime juice, garnished with a slice or wedge of lime. Invented in 1941, this beverage is usually served in a copper mug.This particular set includes 2 mule mugs, 1 bar spoon and 1 measuring jigger. The gift box features a detailed history of the cocktail and a recipe card is included. The metallic rose gold finish adds a festive touch and the fact that there are two mugs, makes it great for just a party of two!

For the caffeine lover 

Do not want to give out gifts for alcoholic beverages? No worries! Check out this coffee dripper set.

Designed for manual, pour-over style of brewing, it brews 1 to 2 cups of coffee and fits most coffee filters. If you are looking for eco-friendly gift ideas, this is a must have!


When you are at home during the holidays - entertaining or just hanging out by yourself, having some tunes playing in the background can set the mood for the evening. Why not pick an eco-friendly speaker to help your clients do just that? With an impressive bluetooth range, this will definitely be a crowd pleaser!