Case Study | Quark Expeditions

About the Client

Quark Expeditions specializes in expedition trips to the Arctic and Antarctic polar regions - last of the very few unspoiled places on earth. They are leaders in the industry offering an unparalleled experience delivered by a highly talented team that embodies a spirit of adventure and passion for the environment and wildlife.


Quark Expeditions was looking for memorabilia that was unique, told a story and could become a seamless part of a once in a lifetime experience.

Top 3 considerations:

Design: The client was looking for a vintage look that was chic yet rugged.

Durability: They wanted a mug that will not break on the expeditions.

Creating an Experience: The client did not want their logo on the mug. Instead they wanted to use all the space on the mug to tell a story and create an experience for the explorers.


As part of the ideation process, we had Quark Expeditions' team come down to our showroom. Given that they were looking for something durable, camper mugs proved to be love at first sight.

Quark Expeditions and camper mugs are a match made in product heaven! The overall look and feel of an enamel camper mug is perfect for their brand and expeditions.

Once the client approved the camper mugs, the next challenge was to come up with the perfect design that will amplify the brand’s message and tell their story. This was an extremely interesting project to work on since the client did not want their own logo on the end product.

Our designer came up with two beautiful designs, representing the Arctic and Antarctic regions, to adorn the mugs. 


The client was extremely pleased with the end product. They liked it so much that they are now available for sale on their website!