Case Study | Kijiji

About the Client

When we think about businesses that are founded and firmly established on the principles of community building, Kijiji comes to mind. A centralized network of online urban communities for posting classified ads, Kijiji now operates in 300 cities.

As a company, they have managed to create a frame of mind awareness that few businesses in the online classified ads space have.


The client approached us for a holiday gift for partners and staff. The objective was to make them feel like they are a part of a community; a family. 


Having worked with Kijiji in the past, we knew that the holiday gift had to be something out of the ordinary.

We started with defining a few key characteristics of a perfect holiday gift. Holidays are a time of togetherness, thinking about family and home. For us, that meant focusing on home and hence we decided to go with something that was made in Canada and gave a sense of warmth.

With the help of the client we decided on knitwear items; a scarf and a toque. They are warm, cosy and perfect for the Canadian winter!

We also have an incredible in house designer who came up with the pattern for the scarves and the toques.

Top 3 considerations:

Made in Canada: celebrating the crafters, collectors and artisans in local communities across Canada.

Retail Detail: We did not want to merely slap the client's logo across a product. The consumer will not want to use that on a long term basis and products like that, more often than not, end up in the trash. For this particular holiday gift, we opted for a more refined retail look that the end user would love. 

On brand: These are personalized and one of a kind items that the recipient cannot purchase anywhere else and despite being a promotional item, they are unique to the Kijiji family and foster a sense of community.


The staff loved it and wore it all the time! Upon seeing what we have done for the B2B team, the B2C team also wanted these for their team members and the grey scarf and toque were born! 

So even though these products were exclusive to Kijiji, little tweaks were made to differentiate between different teams and to instil a sense of uniqueness within the company.

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