On Trend | Inverted Umbrella

We absolutely love fall, with all of its brilliant colours, cool weather and warm, cozy evenings indoors. Yes, even the torrential rains because we believe that there is no such thing as bad weather as long as you are prepared!

We agree that the rain can catch you off guard and result in somewhat inconvenient situations.

For instance, walking indoors after the rain, can lead to one too many puddles on the floor and don't even get us started on getting into a car with an umbrella. But all of that is about to change, introducing inverted umbrellas! 


Features and Design

You can open an inverted umbrella as you open the door and not get wet. And when you close it, the water stays inside of the umbrella and doesn't make a mess. This umbrella is also wind proof and can be restored from a 180 degree bend, making it extremely sturdy and durable.In terms of design, your branding will be visible when the umbrella is open.

Who should you give this to?

This will make a perfect gift for everyone who has had an umbrella snap backwards because of a strong gust of wind or has experienced a watery mess all over their floor after rain a.k.a everyone.

This will be one gift everyone can use and appreciate!