On Trend | Toques

We love toques as they are definitely high up on our list of reasons we look forward to colder weather! A toque can provide you with much needed warmth during fall and winter and can be designed in a variety of ways to best tell your brand's story.

Here's a look at some of our favourite projects:

Get them custom knit

We love the project we did with TedxToronto 2016. All the attendees received a custom knit toque in their goodie bags and we have spotted them out and about in Toronto more than a few times!

Shopify's 2015 holiday gift included a delightfully festive custom knit toque and a 2lb chocolate bar. Now that's what we call a great gift! 

Kijiji opted for custom knit toques and scarves as their holiday gift for partners and staff. They loved it so much that they decided to order them in different colours for various teams! Read all about it.

Keep it simple

While we love custom knitwear, we are also big advocates of keeping it simple. We believe that sometimes minimal design can tell your brand's story in a more unique way. Take a look at the RIGHTSLEEVE branded toques above - we decided to go with a rustic leather patch on a cozy toque in a few different colours. They are a huge hit around the office!


Who can you give them to?

Anyone who lives in a country that experiences winter will love and appreciate these. Toques are a great giveaway item for conferences, trade shows, university events, tourism related events... the list goes on! If you run a gift shop, definitely consider including them as a product offering.