10 Products Your Clients Can't Live Without

Happy new year! We hope that 2017 is treating you well.

To kickstart this year, instead of providing you with a trend report on promotional products, we decided to do something a little different. We asked people on social media, what are some of the things they cannot live without.

The key to creating great swag is often simple, it needs to be practical -- people will use it more often and will be less prone to losing it. This ensures the longevity of the product and in turn your brand. The following is a list of 10 products that were mentioned more than once.

1. Battery Pack

This product is definitely on our list too! It is always a hit with recipients and if someone has a phone, they would want to carry a portable charger with them.

2. Pens

Simple but immensely useful product. The inclusion of this in people's lists just goes to show that great swag does not always have to be complicated.

3. Portable Tooth Brush

Perfect for the frequent traveller.

4. Notebooks

So many use cases, too many to list.

5. Drinkware 

fill drink repeat

fill drink repeat

Drink ware provides you with a lot of room for creativity & is infinitely useful. In fact, look around you, see any branded drink ware? Chances are, you have more than one.

6. Hand Sanitizer


This was the third most popular item mentioned by folks who responded. Cleanliness is apparently very important in today's world.

7. Post-it Notes


8. Lip Balm

With a little touch of retail detail, a lip balm can prove to be an amazing give away and something your clients will always carry with them.

9. Bags


10. Seasonal Items

It being winter, toques and scarves were also mentioned. Custom design can really make them stand out.We loved creating the above pairing for Kijiji Canada! Read our case study to find out more.

Although all of the aforementioned items are things you would use on a daily basis, that does not mean that they have to be boring. With good design, you can do anything! So what's on your list?