The Humble Tote Bag

The good old tote is probably one of the most used packaging ideas and for good reason. Reusable and highly functional, the tote provides a blank canvas for your brand’s messaging. It is a well loved and well used product that is a win win for both the brand and the recipient. And with spring just around the corner, you can rest assured that the beloved tote will 100% be used!

Here are some of our favourite tote bags that we have worked  on!

1. "I'm not bossy, I'm just the boss." tote for Bunz

In honour of International Women's Day this week, this tote definitely made the list of our favourites!

2. Toronto for Everyone Tote 

Toronto for Everyone

Toronto for Everyone

This particular tote was made for the Honest Ed's closing party organized by Toronto for Everyone! It is still available for purchase on their website!

What is Toronto for Everyone (TO4E)? It is the city we want to co-create. A place where we all belong, where we can see ourselves--our cultures, our ideals, our history--in the very fabric of our city. RIGHTSLEEVE is proud to have been a part of this project.

3. Get Shit Done Tote

Tote Bag

Tote Bag

Sometimes we all need a boost to get shit done! This particular tote was created for Shopify for an event giveaway and is line with their core values - simple but on point!

So there you have it! Keep in mind that design changes everything. While multiple brands may consider using a tote as a giveaway, the design and what you choose to include inside adds a unique touch to your branded giveaway.