Case Study | Axonify

About the Client

Axonify is a corporate e-learning software designed to meet the modern learning needs of employees. They work with companies to assist with team building through gamification.


Axonify approached us and were looking for a welcome kit to send to clients when they first signed up for the platform. Their objective was to foster a sense of community right from the start!

Top considerations:

Usability: This was an important consideration. The client wanted something that could be used repeatedly by recipients in their every day life. 

Customizability: Axonify provided us with some interesting and unique designs that needed to be implemented on the branded products. As a result, we had to choose options that were highly customizable. 

Community: As mentioned above, the team at Axonify wanted to foster a sense of community & make their clients feel welcome with this welcome kit. At the same time the products packaged in the kit had to appeal to a wide range of ages, since their clientele is not restricted to one age group. 

Packaging: We had to figure out a way to ship these packages easily. 


The client knew they wanted a welcome kit with usable items that recipients from a wide range of ages can use. The products had to be customizable and easily shippable. We decided to opt for a corrugated mailer that can be easily flattened but assembled for easy delivery.

For the kit, we picked - a coffee mug, water bottle, pair of socks, a notebook & pins. All items that can be used at home, at work or in between!