On Trend | Juicing & Drinkware

If cold pressed juice is your drink of choice, you are not alone. Juicing is a major trend that seems like it is here to stay and if you prefer making yours at home, you are going to love these 5 stylish drinkware options that would allow you to have your beverage on the go.

Home made juices are also an extremely healthy alternative to sugar filled concoctions you may purchase from the grocery store.And when you are not carrying juice around, these products are perfect for water or another beverage of your choice!

1. Custom Sigg 

A renowned drinkware brand, Sigg is synonymous with quality and good news, we can help you customize it!

Made from a single piece of high-quality aluminum, making it light and strong. It keeps a tight seal, even with carbonated drinks. The highly elastic interior coating is resistant against fruit acids, is tasteless and free from BPA and phthalates. The practical screw cap enables comfortable carrying!

2. Borosilicate Glass Bottle 

While most glass bottles will shatter, the first time you drop them - this one will not. This 16 oz single wall borosilicate glass bottle comes with a threaded lid, carrying loop, and a protective silicone sleeve

Available in a variety of colours, this piece of drink ware is stylish, on trend and adds a touch of retail detail - think Kate Spade - to your merchandise program.

3. Foldable Water Bottle

We included this item in our fitness inspired swag post and are mentioning it again for good measure. This is an extremely practical drink ware option especially for fitness enthusiasts and will do really well in the college student market as well! Check out the full list of features here.

4. Mason Jars 

An oldie but a goodie! Mason Jars have been on trend for a while now and for good reason. Not only can you use them for your favourite beverages, they can also be used for storage!

Pro Tip: If you are including a mason jar in your giveaway you can include a secondary item such as socks and package them inside the jar!

5. Glass Straws

Alright, so this is not exactly a piece of drinkware but if you or the recipients of your merchandise are juicing every day, this is a perfect way to save the environment!