Case Study | Bitmaker

Bitmaker is Canada’s first coding bootcamp and a leading tech skills accelerator. Students from all walks of life join an intensive program to acquire coding skills and a number of their alumni have gone on to join top technology companies across Canada and the United States.

Bitmaker places a significant amount of emphasis on culture from the day that you join the program. From events to yoga classes, they have their students, or bit-makers, covered. They first approached us to create welcome kits for their students that are handed out to them on their first day.

Why: The objective was to make the students feel welcome and to provide a great onboarding experience.

Intended ROI: To make the students feel happy and a part of a community. If they feel an emotional connection with the brand, they are more likely to recommend it to others.

About the Package

The client wanted products that were on brand, on trend, useful and will be used by students on a daily basis.

Hoodies and T-Shirts: Given that the students spend a good 60 hours a week coding, we were asked to suggest comfy attire that was in line with startup culture. Hence hoodies and T-shirts were suggested.

Writing supplies: Coding requires a lot of thinking and getting your thoughts out on paper helps, hence the addition of the notebook & pen!

Promoting a healthy lifestyle: A matte black bottle completes the kit and is a constant reminder to stay hydrated!

Starting with a well thought out why allowed for a successful merchandise program to be implemented. Bitmaker managed to improve its net promoter score and they see alumni, years out of the program, still wearing their gear!

Bitmaker Welcome Kit

Bitmaker Welcome Kit