3 Ways to Improve Your Conference Merchandise Experience

Year over year, consumers are spending more time at live events, and brands are putting more resources into creating those experiences. The increased time, energy and money spent on experiences by both brands and consumers are the ingredients that make up the growing experience economy. Gone are the days of simply giving away a swag bag at the start or end of an event. February also heralds the start of conference season. People crave experiences and here are 3 ways you can take your conference merchandise experience to the next level. 

Have a Merchandise Store on Site 

Reduce waste and increase the shelf life of your branded merchandise by having a dedicated swag store on site, where attendees can pick and choose what they want. It helps them take home products they want not the ones they don’t! More importantly, this approach provides brands with an opportunity to interact with their customers in person, creating a stronger brand narrative.

commonsku recently hosted their annual conference, skucon, in Las Vegas, where they adopted this approach.  It also ensured that, when it came to apparel, attendees were getting the right sizes.

Engage your sponsors and create lasting relationships

SaaS North Swag Store

SaaS North Swag Store

In 2017, SaaS North hosted a 2 day conference in Ottawa and involved sponsors in their merchandise experience.Attendees were given a points card upon registration and they could collect points by visiting participating sponsor booths. These points could then be redeemed for SaaS North swag!

RIGHTSLEEVE is proud to have been a part of this experience. We attended the conference and most of the swag was claimed by the end of Day 1 - creating a win-win situation for both sponsors and organizers!

Strategically place swag around the venue 

SingularityU Canada hosted its first ever summit in November 2017, and we loved how they showcased the swag where it was most likely to be used. For instance, they placed the water bottles near the water cooler, so attendees could use it right when they needed it.

It was also raining on the day of the event and branded umbrellas were placed near the entrance to be as useful as they can be.