Case Study | CAN Fund

About the client 

CAN Fund is a not for profit organization created with the mission to fill the funding gap and to provide financial resources for Canadian athletes to train and compete for Canada. With every donation to CAN Fund, you are given the name of the athlete who will benefit from your donation and a tax receipt.


CAN Fund supported 80% of the winter athletes representing Canada. The client approached us with the idea of wanting to create merchandise for a pop-up shop that will raise funding for the summer athletes and awareness about the funding gap that exists for Canadian athletes.

Top considerations:

Made in Canada:  This was an important consideration. The client wanted most of the branded merchandise to be made in Canada. 

Reminder of Home: The products were meant to be things that remind people of home (Canada) and evoke a sense of nostalgia and national pride. 

Retail Detail: The designs were provided by the client but the merchandise was required to have a retail look and feel to it. 


We came up with product ideas that people are likely to use in their every day life - at home, at work or out and about.The knitwear was made in Canada - including toques, scarves and socks and the design was kept simple and quintessentially Canadian (see some of the results below). These items are essentially gifts that give twice, once when you purchase it for yourself and then for the athlete you fund.