Our Top Spring Product Picks | 2018

Spring is a time of renewal, change and vibrant colours making a comeback. It is also here and it is time to freshen up your branded merchandise. Check out some of our top picks for the season. 

Canvas and Straw Totes

Nothing says spring like pastel colours. We are in love with these canvas and straw carriers and they will make a fine choice for your spring/summer swag. The endless design possibilities also makes these products really fun to work with.


Reusable Coffee Cups

Since coffee is always a good idea, we highly recommend adding these reusable coffee cups to your branded merchandise program. We love the fresh spring themed colours on these cups. Go with a clean, classic designed look and you will have a hit product on your hands!

Waterproof Blankets

We love camping. Don’t believe us? Check out Camp Rightsleeve!

These waterproof camping blankets are an extremely useful item for this time of the year and will also make a really great picnic blanket.

To be honest, this is a brilliant gift idea all year round!

Customizable backpacks

These backpacks are full of fresh possibilities and are fully customizable. You can go with a simple design or design to your heart's content - the choice is yours.These will be perfect for a school swag program or as part of your work welcome kit.

Plantable Pencil

Is there anything more spring oriented than this plantable pencil? Swag that turns into food? Now that's an idea we can all get behind.

Dad hats

Dad hats are always a hit - especially this time of the year. Choose your own colour and your own adventure!

Dad hat colours

Dad hat colours