Case Study | Legacy Conference

About The Client

The Legacy Conference was founded in 2010 to inspire the next generation of student leaders through entrepreneurship. It is Canada's largest student-run entrepreneurship conference that invites speakers from across North America to share their expertise with tomorrow's leaders.

The annual conference happens in Ottawa and hopes to provide student leaders with the necessary resources to help them cultivate new ideas and kick start their business endeavors.

Top considerations:

1. Since the audience is comprised mainly of university students, the client wanted merchandise that they will use on a regular basis.

2. The merchandise should be high quality and on trend.

3. The products should be designed in a way that would encourage people to wear and use the merchandise in their every day life.

Legacy Conference Water Bottles

Legacy Conference Water Bottles


We created shirts and bottles with simple designs on them because sometimes that is all you need. The client loved the subtle design and it was a hit amongst the students as well!The bottles are a constant reminder to stay hydrated as we head into the summer and apparel is always a great idea.

Legacy Conference Shirts

Legacy Conference Shirts