Staff Picks | Top 5 by Shruti Sharma

Between splitting her time with finding new swag and running her own clothing line, Rightsleeve Account Manager Shruti Sharma loves anything and everything to do with design. Here are some of her top picks for May. 

1. Smart Plugs

I’ve recently started to place smart plugs around my apartment and they are incredible! Not only do they promote being energy efficient but they also make your busy day easier by having the ability to use an app to turn everything off while you’re running out the door. According to 2017 facts, 75% of electricity used in the average home is consumed while products are actually turned off - smart plugs are an easy way to do your part for the environment while giving a useful, long lasting product to your client! (source: LINK)

2. Domestic Bags

These Made in USA bags are a great option because they can be fully printed before being sewn together - meaning you get a LARGER imprint area than the standard screen printed tote bag! Also, they allow for you to choose between USA milled natural canvas, coloured canvas, straw, pleather, vinyl or denim! Domestic production is an amazing option when it comes to manufacturing goods, not only for the quicker timelines but for helping with local employment, ethically produced items and decreasing the pollution overseas. Studies show that 17-36% of four major reasons for pollution in China is from production for exporting!

3. Seed Paper

These hangtags are completely made from plantable premium seed paper! Whether you want notebooks, bookmarks, recipe cards, hangtags you name it - seed paper is a great way to ensure that there is a recycled end use for your product - how fun would it be to brand your product or apparel with these and the receiver can plant it into your choice of wildflowers, herbs or vegetables for their desk or home?! The wildflower option is great if you want even more positive results in your workspace:

“psychologists have found that, as well as oxygenating the air, bringing some flora into the workplace can improve employee satisfaction and can increase productivity by up to 15 per cent”

(source: LINK)

4. Packaging 

Branding and packaging are important factors to consider when it comes to enhancing perceived value of products. The whole experience of packaging results in a longer lasting impression on the receiver! I personally really like the touch of this packaging tape - it’s full colour and biodegradable! This idea doesn’t have to be used as just packing a box to ship, it can also be used for things like 3” x 3” step and repeat artwork that is cut into squares and stuck anywhere as a sticker! The roll is made of reinforced biodegradable kraft paper to make recycling easier!

5. Apple Notebooks 

Everyone uses a notebook at some point, personally I always try to find new and unique versions of them! The paper in these notebooks are made from apple pulp and other vegetable fibers and the cover is from apple peels! The made in Italy notebooks are a premium quality and actually smell like apples. The best part is that they are biodegradable!

Apple Notebooks

Apple Notebooks