Case Study | Beanfield Metroconnect x Pride

About the Client: 

Beanfield Metroconnect is a growing telecommunications provider offering residential and commercial internet, TV & phone services.As the largest independent fibre network in Toronto, they are rooted in serving the community. This is seen through their participation in events such as the Pride Parade.


The client approached us to help with some ideas for this year's Pride parade. Initially the idea was to create something that could be handed out, but in compliance with the parade rules we made something that represents both Pride and the client very well.


We created custom shirts using the slogan for their hotspot WiFi "Out & About", which perfectly sums up the spirit of Pride! The client had a fun idea to use the saying "Have you seen our manholes?" (because of their manhole covers around the city) and after seeing the mock up they were sold on the idea! Finally, with a bit of rainbow-fication we had our end result. The client was so pleased, they even put our logos on their cars!