5 Marketing Podcasts You Need to Check Out

Let's face it, the ever-changing world of marketing can be a little overwhelming. Ideas and trends change so quickly, it can be hard to keep up, and it’s difficult to know where to find expert information.

Marketing podcasts are a free and easy way to gain tips and strategies from industry leaders that will help transform you into a true marketing guru!  Here we've compiled a list of podcasts covering a wide range of topics, from content strategy to growth marketing, and everything in between. Here's what we're listening to:

1. Marketing Over Coffee

A weekly podcast focusing on what’s new in marketing, each episode is under 30 minutes, and since it is recorded in a coffee shop, this one has a more laid back feel. Their casual approach makes you feel like you are sitting there sipping lattes with them.

2. CopyBlogger FM

This podcast puts a focus on content marketing, and covers topics like copywriting, optimization and email. Each episode is under 30 minutes, making it a quick but informative listen.

3. Hack the Entrepreneur

A podcast geared towards entrepreneurs, hosted 3 days a week by Jon Nastor. High profile business owners discuss the road to success in this podcast with a focus on content strategy and marketing for small businesses.

4. Social Media Marketing Podcast

Each week, host Michael Stelzner examines social media marketing strategies, and a variety of topics beneficial to any size business.

5. Marketing School

Hosted by industry experts Neil Patel and Eric Siu, this podcast brings you 10 minutes of marketing advice every day. Their insightful tips and tricks are great for anyone short on time!