Toronto's Tech Week | Elevate & Startup Open House

Toronto is on the fast track to becoming one of the world’s leading startup cities with around 4,100 active startups. It also manages to land somewhere near the top of “best tech cities in the world” and “best startup cities” lists.

Silicon Valley of the North

This week, the city hosted Elevate tech festival and Startup Open House, which not only celebrates but sheds light on the tech/startup ecosystem.

We look forward to attending these events because there is always value in learning from industry experts. It’s important to know what is happening in your city and build community with forward thinking innovators. Lastly startup culture is a huge movement in the business world, and we try to adapt some of that openness into our established business.


Elevate is a week long festival that spreads out across many venues in the city including TIFF, MaRs Discovery, and Telus. There were main themes for each day; Elevate Main Stage, Educate and Talent that would offer keynotes and lectures, collaboration events and networking opportunities.

At Main Stage we attended the Corporate Buyer Zone, which connects startups with corporate buyers. Together they help find solutions to problems they are having, and learn all about the journey to success.

Educate is a series of talks delivered by thought leaders that is divided into 15 different subjects, like Health, Blockchain, Social Impact and more. We attended a couple of talks on the upcoming Cannabis industry in Canada, and a fascinating lecture from the former Netflix VP of Product on customer obsession. 


Startup Open House

We’ve previously written in our blog about how much we love SOH. This year it lined up perfectly with Elevate, so people were encouraged to keep the networking rolling!

It’s always a good time at SOH, because it is interesting to see companies in their natural environments (so many cool offices). Plus, you get to eat some food and have some great conversations about their industry.

Though we wish we could have found a way to visit all 182 startups (crazy!) We made it to a few, visiting our clients and seeing some fresh new faces.


We can't wait for next year!