A Closer Look at 10 Canadian Subscription Boxes

Subscription services are the new norm. So much so that we often don’t realize how many things we are actually subscribed to. Most of our entertainment is sourced through subscriptions; our books, music, TV and more. Though it’s not a new concept, we’ve seen this trend expand into different avenues. In the last year the subscription box has rapidly grown.

In total, the number of subscription boxes industrywide has risen 40%, to 3,500

source: Forbes


It may be a crowded market, but sub boxes often cater to a specific niche, meaning there is something for everyone. You can find anything from crafts to foreign foods and everything in between. Consumers also have more information surrounding the product, thanks to countless reviews from influencers and “unboxings” on YouTube.

There are boxes that ship from all over the world, but it’s only just starting to become more accessible to Canada (and often involves shipping fees). So, we thought we’d dive into some homegrown boxes!


Frank and Oak Style Box

Brought to you by Frank and Oak, the popular Canadian retailer. They offer ethically sourced, sustainably made clothing. The style plan is very simple, every month they send you 3 items and you only pay for what you keep.what the reviews say: "I love that Style Plan selects styles based on what I like for me to choose from. There's no surprises and less sending stuff back." 

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A meal kit subscription based in Quebec. They pair fresh ingredients with original recipes and deliver them on a weekly basis. Goodfood is putting the ease in home cooking, because sometimes it feels like there is no time to slow down during the week!what the reviews say: "I have been using this for over 2 months now and look forward to different meals. Love cooking with new ingredients and new techniques. Thank You."

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Canada Craft Club

A monthly delivery of curated-for-you, unique craft beers from all over the world. There are options for a 2, 4, 6 or 12 pack. Though it may cater more for beer lovers, it still gives great access to beers that you can't get anywhere nearby! 

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Parachute Coffee

Parachute coffee are trying to put the ease into making coffee at home by delivering top quality coffee to your door. Choose from 3 blends and have it arrive on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.what the reviews say: "So fun when it arrives in its way-cool packaging. I love it when my mail smells like coffee. It's a gift to myself ... one sip and my cares are melting away. I so deserve this!"

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Dollar Tea Club

For those who like to spice up their tea routine. Choose your subscription: “the explorer” is 1$ a month, where you get 3 sample blends. There is also “the sensei” and “the sommelier” which gives you more tea! (They currently have over 30 blends of tea). 

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Little Life Box

A box that promotes a healthy lifestyle, and provides different snack, wellness and beauty items. They also provide a Vegan box. Little Life Box has a monthly, 3 month, 6 month or seasonal subscription.what the reviews say: "I’m super happy with this box, which introduced me to amazing vegan and healthy brands. Subscription boxes are always a good idea to try out new products without spending so much money. Great deal!"

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Locate the Local

This box only contains Canadian sourced and made products! These goodies are usually an assortment of food, beauty, accessories and lifestyle products. You can choose from precurated, build your own or subscription options. 

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Botanic + Terre

This box brings you 3-4 full sized sustainable products. You can customize your box, for any makeup they send so that you get the right shade for your skin! They offer bi-monthly, 6 month or 12 month long subscriptions. A great box for anyone who is mindful of how their products are sourced, and puts new brands in your hands. 

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Bowzer Box

All things dog! Get healthy treats and fun toys for your pup. Choose from a 1, 3 or 6 pack subscription. Also, we can't stop staring at their Instagram, cute overload. 

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Can't forget about the kitties! A monthly or bimonthly subscription that contains all natural treats, and eye catching toys for your cat to enjoy. See above comment, cute overload. 

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Looks like subscription boxes are here to stay! There is only room for them to keep getting better. If you want to see more boxes that are available to Canada, check out this site.

Any reviews were taken from the company website. 

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