Case Study | Axonify Swag Store

Company Store

A company store is a great extension of your brand. Whether it’s online or in house, your employees and clients have the ability to shop your exclusive branded merch collection. Axonify has established both a retail and online store for “axonifans” to shop a variety of items from cozy sweaters to stress relievers.

About the client

Axonify is a Microlearning Platform designed to meet the modern learning needs of employees. They leverage gamification, adaptive microlearning, and brain science to ingrain knowledge deep enough to change behaviour and achieve business goals.


Axonify explain

What was the motivation/objective around creating a swag shop?

Originally came up with the idea as a way to make conference bags personalized.  Instead of getting a t-shirt that doesn’t fit or another pen you didn’t want, we wanted each customer to have the freedom to design their own swag bag that suited them. Our Axonify team wanted a fun way to include our swag at our annual customer conference. We ran our first swag store last year and it was a hit! So we wanted to bring it back, bigger and better than ever.  

What is the feeling people get when they receive your merchandise?

Like kids in a candy store! Fun to watch customers pour over the options, evaluate what they want for themselves or to share with others. There’s a lot of excitement about all the options. The variety of swag made everyone feel special since they had the freedom to 'shop' for their favorite swag pieces.

What are some of the favourite products in the store?

We had everything from sweaters, t-shirts, and mugs to more unconventional items that helped unify our 'travel' conference theme like eye masks and travel bags.

How does the merchandise tie into your brand and company culture?

We try to tie our brand to our merchandise by making sure every piece is of high quality, fun and something that makes them proud to be wearing Axonify gear. We love to give our employees and customers merchandise they will appreciate!  

Check out more photos from the collection

We can’t get enough of Axonify’s store. We couldn’t agree more with their mission to provide employees and customers with high quality and fun pieces that they can personally select. It’s a great way to inspire and deliver your brand message!

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