The Lasting Impact of the DesignThinkers Conference Told by Liz & Reba

It may have been a few weeks ago, but the buzz of the DesignThinkers conference has still not left our office. At Rightsleeve, design is something that we incorporate into our every day work, so it was a great fit for us to be a part of this event.

Since then we've been continually talking about the experience we had, and the great inspiration that has come from it. Naturally, our designers attended, but we wanted to share with you what the conference was like from some of our other team members.

The Wonderful World of Design: from the Perspective of a Production Manager

Elizabeth Wimbush

Elizabeth Wimbush

I jumped at the chance to attend a day of the RGD Design Thinkers 2018 Conference - after a quick glance through the talks and speaker lineup, I knew this would be a great way to get exposure to a side of our business that I rarely get to interact with.

Not only were the specific topics of the talks inspiring, it was eye opening to see how much of our day to day life is influenced by design, and the amount of work and artistic energy that can be poured into it is staggering.

From how we navigate a busy transit system or city sidewalks, with intuitive symbols instead of blocks of text to direct us, to how subtly we respond to a photograph that represents a current world view -  the conference truly challenged my views of design and the roles it can play.

This in turn led me to spend more time thinking about how our direct environment influences us, especially in the office. How much more inspiring would it be to have a visual representation of some of the projects Rightsleeve is working on, encouraging us all to reach a little further, think a bit further outside of our comfort zones?

We’re so fortunate to have so many creative minds at work here, all the time - very obviously in the brilliance of Regan and Kevin (our designers), but also in the work everyone does, or the little touches we bring to the office of our shared experiences.

How much more can we positively impact our rad little workplace, by further embracing being creative and exploring design?

An Account Director's Account of the Design Thinkers Conference

Reba Joy

Reba Joy

Design is an important and integral part of what we do at Rightsleeve. With a good design, a shirt or mug can be transformed from “just a branded item” to a keepsake and an object that makes an individual feel joy and a sense of belonging with that company or community.

The DesignThinkers Conference really reminded me of that and reinforced that belief. Getting to hear from bad ass designers about how they have approached projects and seeing the end results re-inspired me to make this a focus with all of my clients.  Everything at the conference was beautiful (the presentations, banners, screens, messaging etc) because they put design as a priority throughout all aspects of the event. There was consistency but also a very clear brand presented that was both effective and fun. I want to help all of my clients to accomplish that same kind of feeling and excitement at all of their events, but also, within their own office!

Instead of taking the easy route of only putting a logo on the products, I’m going to challenge each of my clients to think beyond their logo. Think of messages and images they want their audience to associate with their brand. Think about the feelings and emotions they want recipients to feel when getting a piece of their merchandise. Then once I have a better grasp on what they’re trying to accomplish, bringing those ideas to my awesome design team and collaborating on designs that would be unique and memorable to anyone that received the product.

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