Branded Fruit is the New Trend in Swag

There’s a new brandable product in town, and it’s fruit? The new thing that’s making waves across many big companies is fruit and vegetables with their logo on it. Companies like Lyft, Soundcloud and Pizza Hut have already jumped on this trend. They've handed out branded avocados, radishes and tomatoes at their respective events. It was a hit, with people taking photos and sharing the experience. Also, leaving with an edible treat that they can take home for later. 

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A post shared by Bloomberg Beta (@bloombergbeta) on Sep 26, 2018 at 12:47pm PDT

Since sustainability is a recurring topic in our industry, we need to find more alternatives to the “cheap swag” that is often referenced. Fruits and vegetables are an obvious sustainable product because there is no waste or packaging. The company behind this, Branded Fruit, do have some limitations. The logo is not edible so, for now, they can only brand produce with a removable exterior. Those looking to brand broccoli are out of luck! (We kid). We also know that this won’t last forever so it is only an in the moment brand experience.

This is not the first time people are violating produce. Potato Parcel is a service that will write your message on a potato and send it to your recipient of choice. When the company went on Shark Tank, they even got an investment. What does this mean? 

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A post shared by Potato Parcel (@potatoparcel) on Mar 21, 2018 at 12:52pm PDT

Food is perhaps more useful at the moment than a pen, we get that. It’s refreshing to see an unconventional play on branded "swag". Receiving an avocado is fun and nice, and we will take that and make some sweet guacamole. It will be interesting to see where this goes, is it just a trend, or will it reach the masses?