A look at 4 Design Trends for 2019

New year, new roundup list of things to look forward to. Design trends are always on our radar, as a means to stay ahead of the curve and keep things fresh. Here’s a look at some of the predicted trends for design heading into the new year.

1. Custom Typeface

Companies like Netflix, Lyft and Airbnb all have their own custom typeface. Though this is a rather expensive design venture, it does cut licensing costs! A typeface is an element that brings personality to a brand. It also is what (literally) delivers a brand message.

source:  Dezeen

source: Dezeen

2. Chaotic/Experimental Design

The first rule of this style of design is that there are no rules. Sites like Indiecon and Lionel Durimel have adopted this style. They are quite a contrast to the sleek and simple sites we normally see. With big fonts, scattered layouts and surprising elements it somehow all works together. These designs are often the most unique and memorable.

screenshot of  Viita Watches  website

screenshot of Viita Watches website

3. Gradients and Duotones

Gradients show off the transition between colours, represented well in the Instagram logo below.


Duotones are on the rise with companies embracing changes to their one colour branding. Dropbox, came out with really interesting branding ideas, switching up their colours from just blue and white.

screenshot from  Dropbox design

screenshot from Dropbox design

4. Isometric Design

Simply put, isometric design is when you draw a 3D object in 2D. This style of design creates a very dynamic image and is used in a lot of web-design and advertisements.