The Case of Pepsi's Branding

Pepsi is no stranger to changing their branding. In line with the new year, they’ve announced a new tagline and campaign. It's rare to see companies of such large scale change their branding and marketing efforts as often as Pepsi. That's why we want to dive into their case a little further.

“For the Love of It”

Pepsi recently revealed their new global tagline “for the love of it”, replacing “live for now”. They will roll out this campaign in over 100 markets. It will include new packaging, print and digital ads, making it the first big branding overhaul in a while.

source:  the drum

source: the drum

“'For The Love of It’ is our rallying cry, proudly saying to go all in for the things you love – from passions and interests like football and music, to unabashedly enjoying one of life’s favourite treats – Pepsi.”


Undoubtedly, with their new ads, Pepsi is trying to appeal to a younger generation. They’ve partnered with the group Now United, which is made up of 14 young singers and dancers of the Gen Z age.

Notable campaigns

Their new effort isn’t exactly out of line. Pepsi typically have some form of celebrity endorsement or music number involved in their advertising. Perhaps “for the love of it” is here to shake off the Kendall Jenner partnership, that resulted in a highly criticized, removed ads that well, missed the mark. This, of course, was under the tagline “live for now”.

Before all that Pepsi have put out some pretty famous ads. This one with Michael Jackson from 1984 came from the "new generation" campaign, and was easily their most successful ad.

We also can’t forget this one from 2001 the “Joy of Pepsi era, featuring Britney Spears in her prime. Last summer, they released limited edition cans, featuring the music icons that take them back to the glory days of their ads.

source:  AdAge

source: AdAge

Ever-changing Logo

In contrast to their cola enemies? frenemies? counterparts? Coca-cola, Pepsi have switched up their logo quite a bit. Every decade they seem to switch things up, yet still maintain that red, white and blue circular identity that they've had since the 1950's.Here's a look at their logo through the years:


Their last change came in 2008,and was subject to a lot of controversy. It cost them just over $1 billion dollars over 3 years to make this rebrand, when it produced this new iteration of their logo (below).  The new positioning of the white stripe was meant to look like a smile, but most people had a hard time being convinced of that. Either way it was an expensive rebrand that has still stuck today.

source   Canny

source Canny

Pepsi exists in a crowded soda market, one that is dominated by Coke. According to this, Coke own 17.8% of the market compared to 8.4% from Pepsi. That could be the reason for Pepsi's constant rebrands and marketing campaigns, in order to stand out. Despite some set backs, they've still have maintained their brand recognition and credibility. If you don't like "For the Love of it" - don't worry, it will probably change in 6 months anyway.

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